Submit Meter Reads

For customers with service maintenance contracts from Reliable Workplace Solutions, this service form allows you to submit your meter reading here to monitor your contract and prevent overage charge. Please be reminded that meter reads are due every 15th of the month.

Use the form below to submit meter reads for your office machines.

Install Automatic Meter Collection:

Want to skip this process? Our I.T. can remotely install an automated Meter Collection System by Kyocera Fleet Services (KFS) on Kyocera devices or FMAudit with all other brands. With this system, you do not have to manually submit meters either by email or website submission. This will help with automated billing and help us serve you more efficiently.


On Meter Read Submission:

Please be reminded that any delay in collecting meters will result in an account freeze. If no meter is received by the 15th of each month, no supplies or service will be released. Your account will be charged a $35 fee for no meter invoicing. Your monthly allowance could be forfeited. This could affect your monthly billing and could result in overage charges. We do not want to charge this fee, but not submitting meters causes a lot of manual process and manual individual billing.


How to Get Meter Count on Kyocera:

To retrieve the meter count from your Kyocera machine, you'll need to locate the "Counter" button on your control panel. From here, your copier screen will display your machine's meter reading.

You can print off a copy of your meter read by pressing the "Print Status Page" button on the screen and clicking "Yes." Your machine will then print a hard copy of your meter reading.

If you have a monochrome copier, you only need to get your total black-and-white meter reading. While if you have a color copier, you will need to get your black-and-white total and color total meter reads.

    If you need any assistance on how to get your machine’s meter read, you can email us at or call us at 714-241-1800.